I live in New Hampshire and absolutely love it. My goal is to share the natural beauty of Northern New England (NH, VT, ME) and beyond by photographing wilderness locations in unique light and conditions, and to convey the story of those who hike those regions. I am a hiker who learned to be a photographer, not a photographer who hikes only to get a shot. There is a difference, and I hope that comes through in my work.

To that end, the images in my gallery often include a brief story of the adventure that created them and sometimes the techniques used to capture the shot. I try to create natural looking images by using traditional techniques to get it right in camera and use minimal post-processing intentionally. Unless noted, there are no HDR images or composite shots (ie moons, people, or animals appearing where they weren’t in reality). All wildlife is wild, not captive.

My galleries present some of my best work, but sometimes an image has been included to demonstrate some of the kinds of shots I have in my offline archives. Recently I have been using the "blog" section to post most of my newer work.

If you are looking for something in particular, please use the form on the “Contact” Link page to email me. I can quickly place images that you might be potentially interested in using in a dropbox. You will be emailed the dropbox link and it will be private and not accessible through this website. Here is a sample dropbox. Once terms are agreed upon and my permission to use the image is granted, you will be immediately able to download a high resolution version of the image(s). In this way, working with me can be quick and easy.

-- John Welch