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29th April 2015
After much hesitation, I have finally decided on a direction for the blog component to my website. I will focus on writing about, and sharing my photography from, “Great Trails” in America. This will also be the focus for the photography in the galleries on this website moving forward.

So what is a “Great Trail?” This is not a title or from a list authored by any organization, but rather a personal endeavor to find, hike, and discover trails that are extraordinary. “Great Trails” on my list will have some or all of the following charateristics: special and unique beauty, the feeling (even if only an illusion) of wildness, an element of challenge that fosters growth or even transformation in those who hike it, a significant length (20 to 200+ miles) although a few will just be shorter. Some are famous, some are not.

Hiker sitting atop Roger’s Ledge 2965’ located along the 20.6 mile Kilkenney Trail (plus the necessary 3.6 miles on the Star King Trail from the summit of Mt. Waumbek 4006’ to US Route 2).

The Kilkenney Trail, located in the less visited northern section of the White Mountain National Forest, has the following characteristics of what I envision in a “Great Trail”: multi-day length, wildness with no road crossings, abundant wildlife such as moose (saw them on this trail), bears, bobcats, etc., classic north country spruce forest, quiet backcountry ponds with camping, craggy peaks, and the chance for solitude on most segments of the trail.

Because of my situation in life, most of the trails that I get to hike, photograph, and include on the blog will be within driving range of my home state of New Hampshire. Thankfully, there are many trails that fit the bill in this radius. Additionally, I was recently able to spend some time in Arizona and Utah and will have posts over the next few months about the following trails:

--At Grand Canyon—South Kaibab. Bright Angel. Hermit. Grandview. Rim.
--At Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah—Queens Garden, Peekaboo Loop, Fairyland.
--At Zion National Park in Utah—Angels Landing. West Rim (backpacking). The Narrows.

Would only hikers be interested in my blog and/or photography? No. I will also have some posts regarding lessons and insights into life in general from my 5000+ miles on trail that might appeal to anyone. Also, if you simply like photos of beautiful places, I think you might enjoy what you see here.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy.

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